Pest Control Plants You Must Have In Your House 

Pests are all around humans, and frankly, a functioning world would not exist without some of them. Whether you live in a big house or a small one, you must have at least one or two of them crawling out and about in your house. They are small and can get in through the tiniest of gaps. 

If you have a pest problem in your Texas home, it is important to work quickly. Get professional pest control Round Rock, TX, immediately to stop and prevent an infestation. Meanwhile, here are some plants you can get that act as natural pest repellants. 

Top pest control plants you need in your house today.

  • Fennel.

Snails can be a real pain, as everyone who gardens knows. These mollusks are excellent climbers and can readily clamber up flowering plants to consume the buds. They also devour fruit shortly before it ripens, gnaw holes in leaves, and remove bark from young trees. Snails are drawn to sections of your yard that are damp and shady, so planting fennel there would be a smart choice.

  • Marigolds.

Because of their strong aroma, marigold blooms repel insects, plant lice, aphids, and rabbits. In fact, fruit and vegetable producers have been using them for a long time as a natural way to prevent pests from consuming their crops. These sturdy annual plants are simple to grow in a planter or flower bed. They can grow with many other flower varieties and need a good amount of sun to survive.

  • Garlic

Aphids, cabbage moths, and larger pests like rabbits hate garlic. Typically, garlic cloves are sown in the fall, and cultivating this plant is also trouble-free. Pick a section of your garden that receives plenty of sunlight and has easy soil drainage. As the plants begin to grow, trim off the blossom stalks as they emerge. Also, make sure that the surrounding area is properly weeded.

  1. Lemongrass.

While this beautiful grass species is comparable to citronella grass, they should not be confused. In just one growing season, lemongrass, which loves the heat, can reach a height of four feet. This tall grass, which belongs to the Cymbopogon plant family, is helpful in repelling mosquitoes and also contains citronella oil. This sturdy variety is especially useful in the kitchen, where it lends a zesty flavor to a range of foods.

  1. Lavender.

Lavender is a powerful natural pest repellent to keep unwanted insects away. Strong natural insect repellents like lavender can help ward off unwelcome bugs. The plant’s powerful fragrance repels insects such as moths, fleas, and mosquitoes. 

It has also been demonstrated that lavender works well against rodents like mice and rats. The smell of lavender, when grown near windows or doorways, will help keep these pests out of your house.

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