Cockroach Control: What are the Signs of an Infestation?

The presence of cockroaches usually indicates decay or dirt. That is why seeing them in your house can make you worry about the possibility of diseases and pathogens being spread. As cockroaches have many possible entry points, controlling them requires technique and knowledge. You can learn more about roach control and elimination by reading on:

How to Know a Roach Infestation is Ongoing

Below are signs of a cockroach infestation:

  • Unpleasant smell. Cockroach scent is undetectable by humans. But if the stinky scent comes from a big infestation, it will be obvious. 
  • Droppings. These resemble coffee grounds or black peppers that are dark and have a cylindrical shape. They are often gathered around cabinet edges and corners. 
  • Egg capsules. These are bigger than roach droppings. If you find empty egg capsules in your house, this means that cockroaches have built their family inside. Each capsule can contain up to 20 roaches. 
  • Shed skins. Roaches molt, which means they grow to reach maturity. So, if you find shed skins inside your house, take action right away. 

Roach Control Tips

To control the roach population in your home, take the steps below:

  • Identify where they hide and get through your home. Roaches can hide in cracks and crevices as well as gaps around pipes or utility lines. Use silicon-based caulk to close such entry points and prevent roaches from getting in. 
  • Get rid of their sources of food and water. Roaches need food, housing, and water to survive. Getting rid of these sources can prevent them from invading your home. food debris, grease, or stains are food sources for roaches, so make sure to clean these up. Additionally, humid areas like underneath the fridge or sink are possible nesting areas for roaches. Focus on inspecting, cleaning, and ventilating such areas to prevent an infestation. 
  • Keep things tidy. Roaches move and hide in cluttered places, particularly areas filled with cupboards and newspapers. Because these pests are general feeders, they can even feed on paper. To make your space less attractive to them, get rid of clutter and keep things tidy. This allows you to more easily inspect your house for roaches and other pests.  
  • Address the infested area. After you conduct an inspection and discover an area infested with roaches, vacuum or wipe this area. You should get rid of the droppings, eggs, and carcasses you may find. Again, one egg case can have twenty roaches inside. Thus, removing it before it hatches can prevent an infestation. 
  • Seek professional help. Dealing with a big roach infestation is exhausting and can be ineffective. Fear of roaches may stop you from doing it right. Plus, this job takes time and effort that you may not have. That is why this task may not be possible for most homeowners. Given that roaches have high reproductive potential and a short life cycle, it’s best to hand this task over to a pest control expert. This expert is more familiar with cockroaches and knows the best approach to handle them.